Design Collaboration


Bring your team together with a digital whiteboard built for design ideation and seamless collaboration.

An Infinite Canvas for Your Ideas

Boards are visual workspaces that can be expanded infinitely to capture all of your inspirations and concepts. Zoom out to get a bird’s eye view of your content or hone in on the details as needed.

Work Together As a Team

Draw, annotate and comment simultaneously in the same session. Use shapes and sticky notes to communicate feedback. Your meetings just got more visual and collaborative!

Bring in Content from Anywhere

Easily import visual assets such as images, 3D models and vector path using drag and drop or via integrations to 3rd party content management solutions. Recolor assets within your board for real time customization to your product line. Spend less time dealing with files and more time ideating!

Thoughtfully Connected

Bring in products from any other tools into a board to visually collaborate on an assortment. Your data is always in sync no matter what app you’re in so you never have to worry about missing updates and outdated information.

Dynamic Layouts & Templates

Arrange products into automated grids and custom layouts so you can quickly visualize and iterate on your collections.