Easily create and collaborate on category visual line plans, channel assortments and key account plans in a familiar user experience.

Manage Assortments Like a Spreadsheet

Our intuitive plan editor interface lets you author assortments on the cloud in a real-time and multi-user experience. Manipulate columns, rows and cells with no restrictions, unless configured by your team. Apply views, filters, sorts and much more to automatically see up-to-date product imagery alongside your critical assortment data.

Slice and Dice Your Collections Visually

Configurable kanban and matrix views instantly turn your plans into powerful visual assortment reports. Drag and drop products between sections to edit properties such as intro dates and pricing tier.

Iterate, Publish, Repeat...

Track metrics from your assortment over time and readjust goals as necessary. As multiple teams work on their category line plans, real-time rolls ups allow for bottoms up visibility.

Share and Collaborate With Anyone

Plans can be easily shared with anyone inside or outside your organization. Capture comments and change suggestions to collaborate on edits.

Add up the Numbers

Individual plans can be connected along your merchandise and channel hierarchy to calculate roll ups and derive KPIs. Set assortment goals and track your progress towards them. Metrics for each plan are tracked so that you can understand the financial impact of changes over time.