Design Collaboration

Accelerate Product Design and Innovation

Streamline ideation, creation, and design, seamlessly manage, and share 2D and 3D assets in our collaborative workspace.

Gain real-time feedback, iterate faster, and integrate digital assets seamlessly, allowing your team to focus on creativity and innovation.

Increase Design Velocity

Maximize the value of your 3D Models

Capture Inspiration in a Digital  Whiteboard

Jumpstart your team’s creative process by collaborating on digital mood boards that can be shared with anyone.

Collect materials, colors, patterns, and trend imagery from the web and manage any 2D or 3D assets directly on the board.

Easily Import & Share Designs

Copy and paste straight from Illustrator or upload an AI, PDF, PSD, JPG, SVG, PNG, or 3D model to generate a digital asset.

Import files from external sources via integrations to Adobe Creative Cloud, Box and many more.

Match design options to plan placeholders automatically send to other systems, such as PLM.

No exporting of images necessary.

Capture Design Feedback & Iterate

Share a design board to collaborate with internal/external stakeholders and capture feedback in real time.

Draw, annotate, and comment to capture changes and suggestions to quickly iterate through design revisions and publish.

Manage All Visual Assets in One Place

Never waste time browsing endless folders again!

Organize and maintain your 2D and 3D design assets in a managed library for easy reuse.

Upload multiple versions that are automatically synchronized on all documents.

Make the Most of 3D Models

Expand DPC use by seamlessly incorporating native 3D visualization within your design and merchandising processes.

Easily render 3D models into 2D viewables for simple visual collaboration or use our built-in viewer to visualize, inspect, and annotate a model.