Present products in their best light whether it’s for a design review, milestone meeting or sell in presentation. Collaborate seamlessly with your audience through an interactive digital product experience.

Craft Dynamic Digital Product Experiences

Quickly create product presentations from dynamic assortment data using a familiar slide authoring experience. Accurate product visuals and data are automatically displayed, saving you time from endless copy and paste. Generate templated product slides or manually create custom layouts from scratch. Use cases are bound only by the limits of your imagination!

Tell Inspiring Stories Using Rich Content

Control the narrative flow by interspersing dynamic product data with storytelling content. Import existing PDFs or simply drag and drop images, videos and other branded content into your presentation. Add hotspots to any content to highlight specific products.

Engage Your Audience With Interactive Features

Showcases are more than just static presentations. Capture structured feedback and input from your audience given them the power to create their own custom assortments from your curated product list and collaborate with them on what they care about.

Always Connected, Always Accurate

Showcases are always in sync with assortments, product data, and product visual assets. This means no more copy and paste and never-ending manual updates. Get notifications when products are added, dropped and changed. You can rest assured you’re always working with the latest and greatest!

Gain Insights From Your Presentations

Showcases capture analytics based on views, clicks and audience engagement. Quickly identify top and low performing products by aggregating real time data feeds from multiple showcases. Leverage these insights to adjust your assortment plans and product designs.

Kelly , Account Executive

“I love using Vibe on a daily basis to work with my accounts. It makes presenting the line much cleaner and I don’t have to worry about outdated information. It's very helpful when you cannot be in person to show the collection.”