Reinvent Visual Line Planning

Redefine merchandising by seamlessly merging creative and planning processes with VibeIQ’s powerfully integrated solution.

From each product’s evolving visual assets to its ever-changing data, teams can plan an entire product line without ever losing insight into how the line is progressing.  

Reduce Feedback Cycle Time

Streamline Merchandising Process

Increase adoption %

Import Goals & Establish Collection Structure

Set top-down goals from external planning systems or upload from a document. 

Create category line plans and easily edit placeholder and product data in a tool as easy and powerful as Excel – but with access to product 2D and 3D product visuals.   

Automatically aggregate line plans into global assortments while iterating them. 

Build Line Visually

Flow line plan data – including placeholders and carryovers –  into a design brief that lets your team collaborate on

  • Concepts 
  • 2D and 3D Designs
  • Trends
  • Inspirations

Automatically see updated placeholder and product data in your briefs. When ready to adopt proposed designs, simply assign visual assets to placeholders and products.

Track Progress & Roll Up Assortments

Monitor your SKU count and track metrics from your assortment against goals.

Provide greater visibility with real-time rollouts that allow for bottom-up metrics as multiple teams work on their category line plan.

Conduct Line Reviews & Capture Feedback

Effortlessly generate a dynamic lineboard based on line plans and assortment that
captures real-time feedback, comments, and annotations.

Allow collaborative reviews across teams without missing a beat – or a dropped style.

Visually pivot your lineboards by properties like category, gender, intro date, and color – custom to your projects and export your decisions back to your assortment or external system, such as PLM. 

Adopt & Hand Off Effortlessly

Create channel-specific assortments and aligned to your brand’s global line offering.

Tailor to your needs by selectively and visually adopting products that suit your channel.

Never miss another style add or style drop via automatic real-time notifications.

Make updates, add new styles, drop poor-performing ones, and watch your decisions seamlessly flow to other systems: PLM, DAM, PIM, ERP.