A new era of line planning for Merchants


Say goodbye to disconnected data and hello to focusing on work that truly matters.

Brands, such as New Balance, Vera Bradley, Kizik, Spanx are spending more time analyzing and building the right balanced assortment with vibeiq instead of juggling multiple versions of spreadsheets and presentations to prepare for GTM milestones.

Better decisions, faster

Gain new insights to assortment planning with the availability of product data and images right at your fingertips. Ensure that every decision is backed by all the details of product master data with the story and color that only a clear image can provide.

Innovate in real-time

Gone are the days of discrepancies between various versions of documents and presentations; vibeiq ensures that they’re always synchronized, providing you with power in decision making at every step. Real-time ideation and collaboration become effortless, empowering your global teams to innovate and execute swiftly.

Unlock your merchandising potential

It’s time to elevate your line planning experience and make every moment count. Welcome to the future of merchandising with vibeiq.