Unlock Merchandising Agility

Plan, visualize and quickly iterate on your omni channel assortments
Bring the right products to market faster
Scale your decision-making processes with data and visual assets

Import Goals and Establish Your Collection Structure

Set top down goals from an external planning system or upload from a document. Create category lineplans, add carryovers and create placeholders. Easily edit product and placeholder data with an interface that includes visual assets, but is as easy to use as Excel.


Collaborate With Design and Iterate on Concepts

Export your collection structure into a collaborative design brief that lets your design team manage their 2D and 3D visuals. Review, comment and annotate design options. When ready to adopt, simply drag and drop the chosen visual assets into a placeholder to assign them. Your line plans will automatically show up-to-date visuals, always.


Conduct Digital Line Reviews and Capture Feedback

Quickly generate a showcase from the latest version of a plan to present your collection in a visual storytelling format. Drag and drop dynamic products data and visuals to use for conducting line reviews virtually or in person. Capture feedback, comments and apply those changes to your line plans.

Omni-Channel Visibility

Gain real-time visibility to the line planning and adoption process across all your channels. Track metrics and insights all in one place.

Focused Development

Reduce assortment volatility and improve development ratios through dynamic decision making.

Art & Science

Seamlessly blend quantitative data with visual assets at any point in the process to better understand your product mix.


Track Your Progress and Roll up Your Assortments

Track metrics from your assortment over time and readjust goals as necessary. As multiple teams work on their category line plans, real-time roll ups allow for bottom up visibility.


Manage Channel Adoption and Forecasts

Create channel-specific plans that “adopt” from the global line. Enter forecasts and roll up quantities at the global level. Never miss any changes from the global line via automatic real-time notifications of adds, drops and value changes.

Maria , Global Merchandiser

“Vibe enables me to work on my assortments visually. I can easily plan, make decisions and review the line at any time with anyone without having to create documents and copy and paste data. It’s a game changer!”


Hand off Assortments to Sales

Use showcases to educate your sales team on key seasonal stories and product offerings. Combine rich branding content with dynamic assortment data to create standardized sales tools that can be used as templates for sell in.


Manage Hindsights

Integrate sales data in real time to track in-season sell-through performance directly from your plan or showcase. Slice and dice past season’s data to analyze trends and patterns across your channels.