Digitally Empower Your Sales Team

Inspire your buyers with digital product experiences
Collaborate with your accounts on assortments that meets your targets
Gain insights from your accounts and streamline your ordering process

Craft Your Digital Sales Toolkit

Create customized digital catalogs and product info sheets that combine dynamic product data with rich branded content. Use templates to facilitate asset reuse and align your entire team on a consistent brand message. Your assortments are connected so you always get notified about late adds, drops and price changes.


Create Account Plans That Meet Your Sales Goals

Establish goals and set placeholders based on previous buys and expected revenue targets. Create what-if plans with different SKU count and quantity scenarios. As they become available, match products to placeholders to turn a plan into an assortment proposal.


Conduct Sell in Meetings Digitally

Curate a digital product experience to engage with your account buyers remotely or in person. Take your audience on a journey using branded imagery, videos and 3D virtual tours. Use hot spots to highlight product features and capture feedback in real time. Collaborate on merchandising assortments visually based on pricing tier, door types or delivery. Once ready, share your final proposal digitally or export it to PDF for approval.

Boost your bottom line

Increase sales by streamlining your sell-in process with digital tools that engage your buyers and save you time.

Stay up to date

Always work with the latest and greatest. You get notified when product data and assortments change.

Understand your Salesforce

Gain insights from your sell in presentations and quickly identify top and low performing products by aggregating real time data feeds.


Visualize Assortments in 3D

Help your account buyers visualize your products in their own retail environment by quickly rendering a virtual showroom using your 3D models. 3D renders can be exported as images or incorporated into your sell in presentations.


Seed Orders Directly From Your Proposals

Easily turn your proposals into an order sheet. Add quantities and size curves directly on a plan. Once ready, publish your plan to seed order to your ordering system via integration.

Kelly , Account Executive

“I love using Vibe on a daily basis to work with my accounts. It makes presenting the line much cleaner and I don’t have to worry about outdated information. It's very helpful when you cannot be in person to show the collection.”