VibeIQ Modernizes How Companies Bring Products to Market

The company launches a new website to engage with merchandisers, designers, and sales teams. 

March 13, 2024 – Today, VibeIQ, an innovative leader in go-to-market solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new website, continuing their leadership in transforming how merchandising, design, and sales teams work together to deliver their product offering.

The new site embraces VibeIQ’s refined strategy and style with an enhanced user experience, providing seamless navigation and effortless interaction. VibeIQ is at the forefront of transforming product ideation and creation into a seamless, collaborative, workflow which empowers teams to unite their creative genius.

For VibeIQ, digital transformation is more than a buzzword. Its solutions and products empower companies to work more collaboratively and make better informed decisions via powerful visualization solutions. With these solutions, companies can iterate in real time, accelerate their decision-making process, and optimize their product offering to secure a competitive edge in the marketplace. The company’s new strategy is grounded in three core solutions: 

  • Visual Line Planning, which redefines how merchandising teams work by enabling data-informed decisions, improving design collaboration, and allowing stakeholders to easily visualize their evolving assortments.
  • Design Collaboration, which accelerates the process of moving from concept to product.  By replacing disconnected tools, and unlocking new ways to collaborate visually, VibeIQ allows designers to easily ideate, present their concepts, collect feedback, iterate, and then promote designs to development.
  • B2B Selling, which enables sales teams to easily craft inspiring product presentations for their market partners, collect feedback, and quickly move to orders. VibeIQ’s solutions for sales teams are connected to merchandising plans, providing easy change management, access to accurate product data, and up-to-date product visuals. 

“Our new website allows us to better explain VibeIQ’s mission of improving how companies bring their product offerings to market. By blending real-time visual collaboration with access to accurate enterprise product data, we’re not just speeding up the go-to-market process—we’re redefining it,” said Brian Lindauer, VibeIQ’s Founder and CTO. 

In line with our solutions, our products – Plan, Board, Showcase, and Showroom – offer a complete & integrated way to streamline the line planning process, facilitate cohesive team collaboration, and deliver immersive product experiences.

“We are at a pivotal moment where the integration of vision, collaboration, and real-time data allows VibeIQ to reshape and redefine the industry. Our enhanced platform and expanded expertise are poised to set a new standard in digital product collaboration.  Our customers are reporting true business benefits, such as significant top line revenue increases,” shares Jack Schroeder, Co-Founder of VibeIQ. 

VibeIQ invites you to experience our new website and join us in reshaping the product journey from concept to consumer.  

About VibeIQ: VibeIQ is revolutionizing product go-to-market by empowering brands with innovative digital solutions integrating planning, collaboration, and visualization.


Rose Lee