Digital Transformation in Fashion Retail: VibeIQ and VNTANA’s 3D Asset Solutions Seminar

In the fast-paced world of fashion retail, digital transformation is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. Our recent webinar hosted by Brian Lindower, CTO of VibeIQ, and Ben Conway, co-founder of VNTANA, sheds new light on the challenges faced by fashion retailers in fully harnessing digital assets.

This article pulls out the key insights from the webinar, explaining the digital go-to-market applications for fashion retail context and the game-changing potential of VNTANA and VibeIQ’s 3D asset solutions and visual line collaboration applications.

We hope you enjoy—and do check out the webinar for the full recording and discussion.

You will leave the webinar learning:

  • How to use 3D models across your organisation to increase speed to market and reduce costs
  • Setup a scalable data workflow from PLM to design and sales and marketing

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Why Fashion Companies Embrace Digital Technologies

As technological innovation accelerates, fashion companies have an opportunity to serve customers better while also creating a more efficient, responsive, and responsible business.McKinsey & Company, 2022

In the era of digital transformation, many fashion brands are recognising the paramount importance of integrating digital tools into their operations. The webinar highlighted how VibeIQ and VNTANA’s collaborative solutions cater specifically to the needs of fashion brands trying to keep up with these developing market trends.

By seamlessly integrating digital technologies into the fashion supply chain, from online sales into the physical world, these tools revolutionise the traditional design and manufacturing processes, offering even the most luxury brands a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market.

Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Channels

The fashion industry is not confined to digital channels alone. Recognising the significance of a multichannel approach, this webinar explores how VibeIQ and VNTANA’s 3D asset solutions bridge the gap between online and offline channels.

By providing a unified platform for managing 3D assets, fashion brands can ensure consistency across both digital and physical stores. This integration is crucial for maintaining a cohesive brand image and delivering a seamless experience to customers, whether they engage with the brand online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

Digital Transformation Challenges in Fashion Retail

The webinar discussion started by addressing the current challenges faced by fashion apparel and footwear manufacturers in maximising the value of their digital investments.

The crux of the issue lies in the challenging nature of handling 3D assets—files that are typically large, often proprietary and difficult to manage due to their size and complexity.

These challenges become even more pronounced when traditional communication and collaboration tools struggle to support 3D files effectively, hindering scalability and efficient handling of the large product volumes associated with fashion retailing.

VibeIQ’s & VNTANA’s Partnership

To tackle these challenges head-on, VibeIQ has developed a suite of Visual Line Collaboration applications – PlanBoardsShowcase and Showroom – carefully designed to replace documents like Excel, Miro, and PowerPoint.

These applications are built from the ground up to enhance collaboration, planning, reviewing, and decision-making processes in online apparel and footwear manufacturing.

To facilitate the use of their cutting edge applications with large 3D assets, VibeIQ has partnered with VNTANA – specialists in 3D digital asset management systems and the complexities of managing and distributing 3D assets.

This partnership is a game-changer for fashion apparel manufacturers as it centralises storage, manages file formats, and optimises file sizes without compromising visual quality and then allows full integration with VibeIQ’s best in class applications, tailor-made for all those looking for digital line collaboration solutions.

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Streamlining Workflows With Product and Line Collaboration

The collaborative workflow between VibeIQ and VNTANA offers a truly holistic solution for fashion retailers. Designers working in 3D CAD tools seamlessly save files to VNTANA, where optimisation occurs. These optimised files can then be automatically transferred to VibeIQ, creating an integrated system that facilitates a wide variety of use cases within fashion retail, including product line and visual line collaboration, planning and review.

This is where VibeIQ’s ‘Plan’ app takes centre stage by replacing traditional tools like Excel for product line building and management. It provides easy access to digital assets for visual line representation within the planning process, a crucial feature for fashion apparel and footwear manufacturers aiming to streamline their workflows and make informed decisions. The VibeIQ ‘Boards’ app, replacing tools like Miro, aids in the easy creation of product line boards using both 2D and 3D assets, supporting visual presentations and line visualisation.

Effective and efficient 3D asset management has the power to truly transform fashion design processes and collaborative workflows. In the webinar we showcase a live demonstration of the export process using VNTANA’s plugin. This plugin simplifies and streamlines the export of 3D assets to the VNTANA platform, enabling the type of lightweight asset creation essential for web-based platforms and e-commerce.

The collaborative capabilities offered by the platform make it easy for a variety of stakeholders, regardless of their 3D expertise, to offer comments and feedback. This inclusivity is vital for fashion retailers, where design iterations and modifications demand effective collaboration among many internal and external stakeholders.

The webinar also shines a spotlight on VibeIQ’s ‘Showcase’ and ‘Showroom’ applications. Showcase, replacing traditional PowerPoint presentations, offers a dynamic slide authoring tool that integrates both 2D and 3D assets. This is another incredibly useful tool for fashion retailers, facilitating the presentation of visually rich, engaging product information to stakeholders and customers.

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Leveraging 3D Assets to Accelerate Go To Market Strategies

The webinar also explores the opportunity for seamlessly integrating 3D assets into the go-to-market and sales process for fashion retailers. By combining the capabilities of VibeIQ and VNTANA, fashion businesses can leverage 3D assets for B2B and B2C interactions, showcasing products in virtual showrooms, and enhancing sales presentations.

This allows for a comprehensive and centralised ecosystem where 3D assets play a pivotal role in decision-making, collaboration, and presenting product information across diverse platforms within the online fashion retail landscape.

We also take a look at the diverse range of use cases where 3D assets can significantly accelerate ROI. The seamless integration of 3D assets into existing workflows and platforms, raises their value and enhances business processes. This creates potential to quickly realise ROI, and secure a budget for exploring further use cases.

For example, by integrating 3D and augmented reality (AR) assets on websites, the need to
recreate large numbers of product shots is eliminated. Viewers can take advantage of storytelling features and various camera animations to create engaging and interactive web-based experiences. The process, facilitated by the VNTANA platform, allows easy translation of files from design software to e-commerce platforms in seconds.

In addition, the collaboration between VNTANA and Google introduces 3D asset support for organic and paid search, significantly improving user interaction and click-through rates. The compelling data suggests that embedding 3D assets in search results actually increases user engagement, offering a glimpse into future advertising opportunities.

Integration with leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon presents promising opportunities, particularly with the virtual try-on feature for footwear and expansion into categories beyond apparel and footwear. The process requires minimal additional investment and enables swift distribution of 3D assets to various ecommerce platforms without any complex workflow changes.

The imminent release of integrations for generating photorealistic renders and videos also presents a significant advancement. This feature delivers a high level of efficiency by generating multiple views and highlighting videos directly from 3D models.

The webinar wraps by highlighting the huge value opportunity to simplify designers’ experiences, streamline asset web readiness, produce derivative assets, and offer accessibility across diverse roles. Fully leveraging the potential of 3D assets in digital product workflows accentuates the transformation from traditional product/line creation to modern digital product workflows, enhancing collaboration and decision-making and driving real value across the organisation.

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Ensure Customer Satisfaction Through Digital Solutions

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of successful fashion brands, with digital solutions and technological innovations playing a pivotal role in achieving this goal. As such, VibeIQ and VNTANA’s webinar can not only help streamline internal workflows but also contributes to enhancing customer satisfaction.

The webinar delves into how these digital tools empower fashion brands to create engaging and interactive experiences for customers. From virtual showrooms to augmented reality try-ons, the integration of 3D assets into digital channels and digital marketing campaigns ensures that customers have a compelling and satisfying interaction with the brand, fostering loyalty and positive reviews from both in-store and digital consumer segments.

For a comprehensive demonstration and further insights, check out the webinar recording for Leveraging 3D Assets to Enhance Customer Satisfaction in Fashion Retail. With the rise of e-commerce and digital customer interactions, implementing these solutions is essential for staying competitive in the fashion industry.

In summary: Revolutionising Online Fashion Retail Operations Through 3D Assets

Our webinar offers a comprehensive insight into the dynamic world of 3D asset utilisation, emphasising the seamless integration of VibeIQ’s capabilities with the VNTANA platform. The applications extend far beyond digital asset management; they revolutionise the very core of online fashion retail design and customer interaction, offering retailers a smart and intuitive toolkit for navigating the digital landscape.

The collaborative capabilities and the ease of integration with other systems showcase the robustness and flexibility of the VibeIQ and VNTANA offer. Online fashion retailers are not merely managing assets; they are transforming digital workflows and significantly enhancing user experiences across a wide variety of touchpoints.

By addressing the challenges and needs of the fashion industry head-on, VibeIQ and VNTANA are empowering fashion retailers to thrive in the digital era. This webinar presents not just a technological partnership but a vision for the future of online fashion retail—one where 3D assets play a central role in shaping trends, engaging customers, and driving short and long term business success.

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Digital Transformation in Fashion: Quick FAQs

What are the 4 main areas of digital transformation?

The 4 main areas of digital transformation in fashion are often thought to be: business process transformation, business model transformation, domain transformation and cultural transformation. These areas encompass the changes and innovations that occur when fashion brands adopt digital solutions to improve their operations, customer experiences, and overall success.

How is digital technology changing the fashion industry?

Clearly, digital technology is changing the fashion industry in a variety of ways. Companies are now relying on digital solutions to streamline processes, create engaging customer experiences, and improve operational efficiency.

With the rise of e-commerce, social media, and, of course, augmented reality and 3D assets as we’ve touched on in this guide, the fashion industry is experiencing a major shift towards digital transformation.

How can 3D assets benefit fashion retailers?

3D assets provide many benefits for fashion retailers including improved efficiency in production processes, enhanced customer engagement through interactive and immersive experiences, reduced costs in product photography and marketing materials, and increased flexibility and agility in responding to trends and consumer demands.

How does the partnership between VibeIQ and VNTANA benefit fashion retailers?

The partnership between VibeIQ and VNTANA offers fashion retailers a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for creating, managing, and integrating 3D assets into their digital channels. This not only streamlines internal workflows but also enhances customer satisfaction through engaging and interactive experiences.

The partnership also showcases the potential for collaboration and integration between multiple systems, offering retailers a versatile and robust toolkit for navigating the digital landscape.